Types of weight lifting weights

Weight lifting weights are one of the most used gym equipment. The come in a wide range of sizes and weights depending on the exercise type and fitness goals of the person.

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Here, we’ve mentioned different types of weights that you can buy as per your needs:


Dumbbells are the most commonly used tools for workout. They are very useful for muscle growth, power and flexibility. However, workout can be difficult if enough space isn’t available.
Examples of workouts include: goblet squat, dumbbell clean, dumbbell uppercut, dumbbell spider curl etc.

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Adjustable dumbbells:

Another weight lifting weights, adjustable dumbbells are similar to dumbbells however, you can customize the weight of the dumbbell depending on your fitness goal or level. Both fixed and adjustable dumbbells have their own advantages and disadvantages. Fixed dumbbells occupy less space and can be customized; however, their adjustment can take some time which could be hectic for people with tight schedules.

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Barbell weights:

Barbell weights are similar to dumbbells with longer bars and heavier weights which makes them good fit for powerlifting. One of the most common gym equipment these weight lifting weights are mainly used for exercises such as squats, bench etc. Between Dumbbells and barbells, dumbbells are better for muscle building and endurance while barbells are better for heavy lifts.

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These gym equipment are mainly used for ballistic exercises. Kettlebells combine strength, cardio and flexibility. Which makes them fit not only for strength and muscle development but for flexibility and mobility as well. Exercises to do with Kelltlebell include: kettlebell swing, kettlebell push press, kettlebell deadlift etc.

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Medicine ball

Unlike dumbbells and other weight lifting tools, medicine balls are mainly used to build explosive power instead of power and muscle development. Exercises that people do with medicine balls include throwing and catching.

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Hoping that our list of weight lifting weight cleared your doubts.